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Mano de mujer escribiendo con taza al fondo

I have always liked to write, it’s a sort of therapy to organize my thoughts, even if the next day they become disorganized again. I also love reading and escaping to other places, cultures, ages and anecdotes through imagination, hand in hand with someone else. Since I was a little girl, I wrote in journals and read science fiction, historical, or detective novels.  However, since I became an “adult” overwhelmed with responsibilities, I stopped reading and writing with the same intensity… It’s easier to lie down and get caught in a Netflix series than to sit down and open my heart and soul to write or read.

God sends our way the people we need. I once again had the itch of sharing, but I was still lacking that final push to convince myself.  And then I met Alexa. I discovered that she has a travel blog that I love. With only a few entries I knew that I was not alone. She also loves to write, and like me, she had become consumed by her day to day, leaving little or no time to write. So we set ourselves a challenge: write something and share it amongst ourselves. We set and initial deadline which we did not meet, but here we are. Do not miss Alexa’s blog:  Hago.Veo.Voy

There is a quote by Keri Smith: “By reading someone else’s words we feel connected to others and by writing our own words we connect with ourselves”. And I think that is precisely what it is all about, connecting with our essence and from there, connecting with others, because together we not only add, we also multiply.

To read this in spanish, follow this link: Compartir: por qué no?

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Hola! Soy Naty. Me encanta viajar, surfear y trabajar temas de accesibilidad e inclusión. Soy usuaria de silla de ruedas desde el 2008. Con ella he aprendido a aventurarme, disfrutar el mundo y conectar con otras personas a través de la empatía, la gratitud, el coraje, la pasión, la fortaleza y la alegría.

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