The 2018 World Adaptive Surfing Championship

Being an adaptive surfing athlete has taught me many things, mainly to compete with myself and beat me day after day. We had very clear goals for the championship; some were not fulfilled like the medals, but the objective we worked for all year long we all achieved: we arrived at the IV World AdaptiveSigue leyendo “The 2018 World Adaptive Surfing Championship”

Becoming an adaptive surfer

We are a few days away from starting the IV ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championship and I am, for the second year in a row, a participating athlete, proud to be a part of an incredible story much bigger than me, next to athletes and renowned surfers such as Alana Nichols, Dani Burt, and Ann Yoshida. I amSigue leyendo “Becoming an adaptive surfer”

My Spinal Cord Injury

For ten years now, I’ve been living with a spinal cord injury.  It sounds scary, but it’s easy to understand. May doctors excuse me; I will explain it in my engineering terms. The spinal cord is like a highway with many high traffic lanes through which all the signals of the brain travel at fullSigue leyendo “My Spinal Cord Injury”

Share: why not?

I have always liked to write, it’s a sort of therapy to organize my thoughts, even if the next day they become disorganized again. I also love reading and escaping to other places, cultures, ages and anecdotes through imagination, hand in hand with someone else. Since I was a little girl, I wrote in journalsSigue leyendo “Share: why not?”